Where are the Shepherds?

by Tina Colón

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This song was written in Buenos Aires, Argentina, during a time building community among homeless youth. The song tells the story of a city that is afflicted, and God's call do something. Many of the words come from the prophet Ezekiel, and the recording is from a live performance at Firehouse 12 in New Haven.


Look at the poverty in this city. How could we let it get so bad?
While they dig through trash cans for their dinner,
I walk right by.
Kids will be sleeping on the Subway floors tonight

Look at the brokenness in this city,
Outstretched hands begging for change.
I ask, 'am I my brother's keeper?'
I don't know...
But if we don't keep, then won't they be left alone?

Where are the shepherds, where are the shepherds? you ask.
Many are scattered, who will gather?
Many are sick, many are weary, many are wandering.
Where are the shepherds, where are the shepherds? you ask.

He knows the violence in this city.
Just out of jail, only 14.
He steals from the rich to buy some drugs to dull his pain,
But for his delinquency he's not the only one to blame.

See, when he was younger, his father would hurt him
Until he ran away from home.
Out in the cold, only the streets would take him in,
out on the streets they'd teach him he needs violence to live.


But you will search for the ones we've forgotten, you will rescue
You will bring them into their own land where they will feed
We will join you, we'll bind up the injured and strengthen the weak.
We are the shepherds, we are the shepherds you seek.

So where are the shepherds, where are the shepherds? you ask.
My sheep are still scattered, it's time to gather.
To heal the sick, comfort the weary, walk with the wandering.
Could we be those shepherds, be those shepherds we need?


released May 14, 2014
BGVs: Juliet Buesing, Shyla Norful
Bass: Kevin Su
Guitar: Leon Powell
Drums: Kyle Brooks



all rights reserved


Tina Colón New Haven, Connecticut

Tina Colón is a singer, songwriter, worship leader and law student based in New Haven, CT. She sings about justice, faith & love, and her music is full of soul and spirit. All music proceeds will be going towards Child Voice, an organization in Northern Uganda that is dedicated to helping rebuild the lives of former girl soldiers. Download generously, and email Tina for info on how to be involved. ... more

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